Speech Pathology // Autism: Under Every Diagnosis, There Is A Person

If you follow our page on Facebook, then I’m sure that you would be aware that April is Autism Awareness Month. There is a high probability these days, that most people can relate to Autism personally or know about the condition.

The amount of people being diagnosed with Autism is on the rise. It is estimated that 1 out of every 100 people has Autism; so about 230,000 Australians. Autism affects almost 4X as many BOYS than girls.

These days most people are diagnosed during the early years of childhood. There are many mixed theories and opinions as too why the number of people with Autism is increasing, however there is still no known cause. read more…

Speech Pathology // Does your child understand what they read? … All things reading comprehension.

I love reading! Always have and I’m lucky enough to have close friends who share the same love and we have made a regular book club (which may or may not include some wine!). Lately, most of the popular books we have been reading, have all become movies. I often find myself saying “I didn’t imagine that character looking like that…” or “The movie was different to what I imagined in the book…”.

When one reads a book, they visualise the story in their head. The more detail the author includes, the more alive the story becomes. When you read a book, you become immersed in a whole new world. For adults and children this is the same. read more…

Speech Pathology // Routine, Routine, Routine…

Hello 2017…..

We’re back and ready to go for the year! I hope that everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday. This year will be very exciting for Speak About and we can’t wait to show what we have in store for your children.

We pride ourselves on being leading speech pathology providers and always developing better ways to help children reach their potential. We have many new programs and activities coming out over 2017, so keep watching our blog space, FB page and Instagram. read more…

Speech Pathology // My child is starting Kindy in 2017!

What are some practical things that you can do with them, to give them the best possible start?

 Social and Emotional Skills

  • Have your child spend positive time away from you and other close family members
  • Encourage your child to stay focused on a single task for a period of time
  • Encourage your child to think of specific questions about a topic/ interest
  • Talk to your child about recognising emotions, how they feel and how others feel
  • Model appropriate ways to cope with anger and frustration without hitting, tantrums and running away
  • Model how to resolve issues, problems and conflict positively

read more…

Speech Pathology // Is My Child Ready to Start Kindy?

With the end of this 2016 coming closer and closer, kindergarten orientations have started and school prep is well under way.

The most common question each parent often asks us and themselves is: “Is my child ready to start school?”

It is important to understand that school readiness skills and school preparation skills are two different things and both are equally important.

School Readiness skills are the key emotional and social skills which each child should possess to help their transition to school.

School Preparation skills are the key academic skills which will equip your child for the learning environment at school.
read more…

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