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Speech Sounds And Articulation


Articulation is how we produce sounds with our mouth.

This involves using our teeth, lips, tongue, cheeks and vocal folds to produce clear sounds. As children develop they are expected to have some errors in their speech. However as children become older, their speech should become easier to understand as the number of errors decrease. The age at which Australian children are expected to develop certain sounds in singe words is:
Age Sounds
3 years m, p, b, h, n, ng (as in ring), w, d, t, y (as in yes), g, k
3 ½ years f, s
4 years l, sh, ch, s (blends- st, snail, spoon)
4 ½ years j, z, blends (flower, crash, splash)
5 years r
6 years v
8-8½ years Voiced th (this, father) Voiceless th (thing, thumb)
Is your child’s articulation appropriate for their age? Find out here. If you have concerns about your child’s articulation, contact us.

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