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Hi! I am Emily Mackie, the Founder of Speak About Speech Pathology in Richmond, NSW. I have been a speech pathologist for the almost the last 10 years.  Speak About has been helping children since April 2014.

After working for various private practices, community health centers and hospitals- I decided to start Speak About. I didn’t start because I needed to, I started because I wanted to.

Because I believe that all children should have equal access to gaining help and reaching their potential. I founded Speak About in April 2014 to bring education and learning to our Hawkesbury children. I also want to help and make a difference to all Australian children now and the generations to come.

As word has spread about Speak About, so the team has increased. The team at Speak About, does not come and work for “me” or work for Speak About. Each and every person who joins the team, joins because they are convinced that speech pathology is more than a job. It is our passion and vision to help every child learn and to empower families with education.

“We value the person, not the problem and create a safe space for families and a support system they can rely on in the long term.”

We have developed our team to become one of the leading providers of Speech Pathology services in the Hawkesbury and surrounding suburbs.

We help children from 18 months of age and offer speech pathology assessments and therapy. We are trained to work with children with language delays, speech sound disorders, stuttering, literacy and voice difficulties. We love helping children with disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, Attention Difficulties (ADHD/ADD) and many more.

If you have any questions about your child’s development, give us a call directly and we will be happy to answer your questions. If you are new to us-please get to know us first hand; have a look at our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Have a look at our values and even come in and meet us! We would love to get to know your story and all about your family.