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We want children to be their best self. We provide services tailored for primary and high school aged children and their family, with balance for the younger primary and older primary child and teenager.

We understand the children in younger primary school learn when they are stimulated and having fun; and our assessment and therapy sessions are just that!

We also understand that children in later primary and high school can find it very difficult to access services that may make them appear different to their peers. We understand that teenagers don’t want to go to a ‘babyish’ place or be socially different. To cater for all of our school aged children we have consciously decorated our clinic with maturity, youth and fun in mind. We consciously offer after school appointments for primary and high school aged teenagers, so they don’t feel like they are coming to a place full of preschool aged children.

We help children from kindergarten through to year 12. We always have the big picture in mind.

For teenagers, the big picture is to ensure they have skills for life. We provide specific subject related help and take into account their career aspirations.

For primary aged children we want them to be ready to start later primary and high school.

For a school aged assessment, we see your child for two hours.

This occurs over 2x one hour blocks, over a fortnight. We ask all parents to sit in for the assessment session. We assess your child’s:

  • Receptive Language
  • Expressive Language
  • Pronounciation
  • Spelling ability
  • Reading ability
  • Writing ability
  • Reading comprehension
  • Phonological awareness (sound awareness)
  • Written expression
  • Fluency
  • Social skills
  • Vocal quality

As part of the assessment, we gather information from parents, preschool teachers and doctors to develop goals and see the big picture. We provide a comprehensive assessment, in electronic and written form, to give teachers, doctors and other professionals

After the assessment,

we will be able to tell you exactly what stage your child is at and if they are behind or on track.

  • If your child is on track; then we will more than happy to tell you.
  • If your child needs some help; then we can help them and provide you with ways to help them improve. We believe that child can learn and we see this everyday.
  • If your child requires therapy, we encourage parents to be involved in every therapy session.

At the end of the day, you know your child better than anyone! If you have concerns, it is better to do something now, rather than later. We are here to help anyway we can.


Including payments under the Enhanced Primary Care Scheme (EPC)

  • 30 minute session – $92
  • 60 minute session – $184

All payments can be made in cash, EFTPOS or credit card.
HICAPS and Medicare rebates can be made immediately.
Payments under NDIS may vary in price.

The above price list is current as at 1st January 2024. Price can change at any time without prior notice.

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