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Emily Desk

Speech Therapist: Graduate and early career positions available

WARNING  This is not your typical Speechie Job Ad. Instead of telling you what the role involves, the caseload and hours, we want to hear from you what your Speechie aspirations and dreams are. What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What’s important to you in a speech pathology role? Why did you choose a career in speech pathology? What do you want to do to be the difference in someone else’s life?

Communication is connection and connection is everyone’s right. If we succeed as speech therapists to eliminate difficulties to connection, there is laughter, empathy, fun, joy and self-worth.

To get there, we have to be amazing speech therapists. To be amazing we all need to be in a daily working environment that brings out the best of us and pushes us to thrive, not just survive the grind.

At Speak About Speech Pathology (SASP) our culture is key to achieving this with our speech therapists, parents and children.

People are super important. People are what we are all about (otherwise why would we have chosen to do speech pathology, right?!). People make us who we are. At SASP we are a work family, not a large corporation and as such people get treated like family. The team are invested in seeing you succeed as a speech therapist, but also as a person in life. If personal growth and professional growth are important to you, keep reading.

There is the common phrase, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. We are always striving for excellence at SASP. As a result, the Speechie’s at SASP become and are highly trained and skilled. We believe in paying for opportunities that will help make you the best Speechie you can be, giving you paid time on a daily basis for mentoring and we’ve even created an online mentoring academy for Speechie’s, that’s how passionate we are about excellence.

Being happy is what life is all about. Life is too short to not be enjoying it all. We spend most of our waking hours at work with our children, parents and team. We want people to love what they do and who they do it with. We reward and recognise team members for their achievements and contributions frequently.

Finally, we want partnership with you, not a dictatorship or micro-management. Changing jobs or starting a new job is a significant change and step in your life and our lives and it’s important that we are both on the same page and are committed. We want you to develop autonomy, identity and your own style of speech therapy. We have the solid foundations for you to learn, however we know that people thrive when they can bring their own ideas and concepts to the table. We will always have your back and be ready to support you.

In saying all of this, it is important to know that we don’t just invite anyone to join our team. To have this culture, we have standards of who we bring into the fold. However, if what we have said resonates with you and if you are looking for a bright change, to be pushed personally or to start your career with your best foot forward; definitely send us an email to introduce yourself as a fellow Speechie. We’d love to get to know you.

The position is for full time speech pathology work, at either one of our locations in Richmond, Sydney or Tuggerah, Central Coast. We are open to either new graduates or those with paediatric experience. Working hours and days are Monday-Friday with flexible start and end times. The position involves working with children and families ranging from 18 months of age- 16 years of age.

Everything is provided, all you need to bring is a can-do attitude and an open mind.

Again, if what we have said resonates with you; send us an email to introduce yourself as a fellow Speechie. We’d love to get to know you.