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7-13TH AUGUST 2016

This is the one week in the year that we get to toot our own horns! We love being speech pathologists and we love to celebrate our roles every year. We think being a speech pathologist is one of the best jobs someone could have! DID YOU KNOW?
  • 20% of four year old children have difficulty understanding or using language
  • 14% of 15 year olds have only basic literacy skills
  • Children with a language impairment are six times more likely to have a reading problem than children without
  • 46% of young Australian offenders have a language impairment
  • Overall, more than 1.1 million Australians have a communication or swallowing disorder that impacts on their daily life. 
These are pretty significant stats and can, for some, be overwhelming. However, this is why we love being speech pathologists! We LOVE helping children and families and we believe that by helping every child we can, we are improving their enjoyment of life and equipping them to have productive and happy futures. Who wouldn’t want to be a speech pathologist?! Speech Pathology Week promotes speech pathology within the community and highlights the work we do to improve lives. Communication is basic human right and even though we only work with children, we still promotes this fact for everyone. This theme for 2016 was created by Speech Pathology Australia. The theme supports a special project that all Australian speech therapists are working on together, called the Speech Pathology 2030 project. Bree and Em have been attending regular meetings at Misson Australia, Kingswood, to work on this project with other speech pathologists  from The Hawkesbury and Nepean /Blue Mountains areas. Remember, EARLY HELP is the key. It is always better to identify a problem and fix it straight away, then leave it and let it snowball. We love to help and see progress with every child!